PowerBK 2.4.8

Catalogue your online book collection

PowerBK is an e-book reader that helps you organize your collection. View full description


  • Search for books in a variety of different ways
  • Integration with Google Books


  • Interface is pretty plain
  • Some sections in Italian on the English version
  • Lots of screens to go through on setup

Not bad

PowerBK is an e-book reader that helps you organize your collection.

If you're an avid ebook reader, you probably know you don't have to have your e-reader handy in order to actually access and enjoy your ebook library.

Similar to Calibre, PowerBK lets you sort through your ebook library from your PC's desktop. It offers a lot of great ways to search and later sort your books. You can look for books in your collections by author, title, ISBN number and more. In addition, PowerBK can manage the information stored in your book's data fields, such as location, number of pages, publication year, plus its cover art.

PowerBK also offers Google Books integration and a password protection feature that allows you to keep your dara secure. There are also a variety of different file formats in which you can export your book's data with PowerBK, including .txt, .doc and .pdf.

Unfortunately, PowerBK's interface is quite confusing for first timers to navigate. It's also very plain looking, which might turn off other users who want a sleek looking interface during their reading experience.

PowerBK is a solid ebook organizer, if you can get past the cluttered, confusing and plain looking interface.



PowerBK 2.4.8